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Contemporary living cannot evolve as quickly as people's desired life styles.  Malaspina delivers a limited series of residences with innovative design, stunning interiors, and sustainable solutions.

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Concept and spatial organization

M1 House features a floating roof over a series of stepped platforms that follow the natural topography of the selected lot. This simple concept creates a rich spatial structure that combines views of nature, and an organic continuity between exterior and interior.

The single-floor house allows life to flow quietly and serenely, provides elegantly exaggerated views of nature, allows for multiple exterior accesses, and has a character of independence and freedom.

Landscape design

The landscape design works with the interior and the exterior, blending both areas into the dwelling. The presence of a magnificent Ponderosa Pine Tree in the middle of this lot organically organizes each room in a simplistic but modern manner.  Life currents are circular and continuous, linking living spaces and native vegetation in an inside-outside fusion.

Concept and spatial organization

M2 is designed as a continuous space around a series of patios of different sizes blending exterior areas with interior spaces. This house is compact and porous, minimizing its footprint and allowing the landscape to become an integral part of the design.

The house is organized by two floors:  the ground floor hosts the main area which provides multiple views of the distant landscape and allows for multiple connections with the exterior.  The second floor presents a magnificent panorama from the upper living room, providing visual access to the mountain range from the rooftop.

compact + porous

This house design features a compact layout with a dynamic exterior, perforated by a series of interior and exterior patios. This perforation supports a multiple-relation field where domestic life flows along the different interiors and exteriors in novel ways.


The landscape proposal is based on the minimal footprint strategy. The patios will be planted with native species, creating special backdrops for the different private and public spaces of the house. A roof garden will be covered with the same native plants, bringing nature to the upper level of this house.

Construction phase


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All houses have been crafted by the renowned Spanish studio FRPO, Rodríguez & Oriol Architecture. Their work has been widely published through lectures and exhibitions around the  world, such as the Venice Biennale.

They have designed and built houses in Spain, Mexico and the US. The firm's approach to residential architecture is to create elegant, discreet, and serene platform that serves as an interface between the residents of the house and the environment.

The firm’s has designed and built award winning residences in several continents. Its simple, clear, and modern designs allow for a harmonious connection with nature and their own lifestyle.

Every house is designed and constructed from a compelling concept that provides a strategy defining the landscape, the topography, and the internal organization of each residence.

FRPO’s work has been widely published through lectures and exhibitions around the world. The firm has shared their approach to architecture by promoting understanding of residential architecture as an innovative and necessary practice.


→ 2019 selected by the British magazine, “Architectural Review” for the Emerging Architecture Awards.
→ 2016 selected for the Spanish Pavilion Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia
→ 2015 selected by the Korean Institute of Architects as one of the 100 Architects of the Year and nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award
→ 2014 awarded the HISE World Houses Award
→ 2012 received the Architectural Record Design Vanguard recognition by New York based publication Architectural Record as one of the best young architectural offices in the world
→ 2009 awarded the Europe 40 UNDER 40 award by Chicago Architectural Club
→ 2007 awarded the Bauwelt Preis in Munich
→ 2006 awarded the VMZ Award in Paris.


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